Co-curated with Soo Kim
June 3 - July 15
Featuring: Andrew Cameron, George Domanty, Lisa OhlweilerHayley Quentin, Amy Russell, Paul Mpagi SepuyaFreddy VillalobosCharisse Pearlina Weston
Through their respective evocations, elisions, and departures from representation, the works in this exhibition resonate with a shared concern for the vulnerable and contingent conditions of being. Some works in the exhibition draw from discreet archives imbued with a sense of intimacy, while others are invested in the paradoxically delicate and destructive potential of the human body and subsequent structures of relation. As a cohort, the works in Sing the Body propose a multiplicity of silent and pronounced ways in which our shared desire to create cohesion from experiential fragments underscores a tacit understanding of our own precarity. 
All images courtesy CB1 Gallery.

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